The Proper Way to Do a Reverse Fly

We all have weaknesses when we lift weights, which make us less effective and more prone to injury, just like Achilles did. Bande founder and program director Nicole Uribarri says position, alignment, and movement should all be considered when performing any kind of strength training. The reverse fly is an exercise that people have trouble with. A reverse fly is a great exercise to strengthen and improve the muscles in the back and chest, adds Uribarri. The exercise is often performed incorrectly by many of us.”

It is imperative that you repeat (because this is important): Improper form increases your risk of injury as well as preventing you from strengthening your muscles. Uribarri breaks down three common mistakes people make when they attempt a reverse fly in this week’s episode of Well+Good’s YouTube series The Right Way. After that, she shows how it’s done right. The following information is for your reference.

Mistakes to avoid when flying reverse

1. Shoulders forward: Uribarri says that many people crunch their shoulders forward into their necks, an action that does not do any good for their backs.

2. Trying to do too much at once: Another mistake she sees is too many people trying to do too many reps at once. You can often better activate the muscles surrounding the spine when you take your time and focus on increasing back strength. The exercise helps strengthen your back over time, she says, as well as improving your posture.

3. Grabbing weights that are too heavy: “Another mistake I see is people grabbing weights that are too heavy, and then [they] use momentum to raise that weight again,” Uribarri explains. She suggests you use a lower weight so that your back muscles are activated and you become stronger.

The video below shows you the proper way to do a reverse fly now that you know the warning signs.

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