The scapular pushup will help you improve shoulder mobility

Whenever I don’t attend a yoga class in a week (or two, or three), I find it difficult to even raise my arms over my head. It is a reality that #desklife breeds shoulder tension, something Casey Chiro, DC, says is best solved by everyone’s favorite strength training exercise. One pushup, the only pushup. Or, to be precise, a pushup at the scapula.

Dr. Chiro writes about the muscle at the vertebral border of the scapula in an Instagram post, in which he describes the serratus anterior’s role in raising your arms above shoulder height. The act of scapular pushups works the Serratus anterior, which helps the shoulder work both with strength and with a complete range of motion. It helps stabilize the shoulder, protects against neck pain, and improves posture. This is the best of both worlds. Want to improve shoulder mobility with the most effective move? There’s no need to worry about your scapulae.

The instructions provided by Dr. Chiro can be found below. As you grow stronger, she suggests you begin at the wall, then slowly move to a bench, and finally the floor. Do three sets of 10 repetitions on any surface you choose.

1. Place your hands on a wall, bench, or floor, directly under your shoulders.

2. Maintain neutral spinal alignment.

3. Engage your glutes and core muscles to prevent your hips from sinking.

4. Tighten your shoulders while keeping your arms extended.

5. As you pull your shoulders apart, retract them by drawing them together. Lie down slightly. Regain your footing.

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