The Surfer Burpee for Oblique Muscle Growth

When a surfer pops up on their board, they make the movement look effortless. Their bodies are lifted and rotated in one fluid motion in order to #shred-a trick that’s not as simple as it looks. Surfers get a serious full-body workout even before they catch their first wave by doing the move properly, as it works their core, upper- and lower-body muscles simultaneously. On dry land, would you like the same benefits? Surfer burpees are the way to go.

Surfer burpees are similar to good-old burpees, but with a twist (literally). As opposed to standing straight up, you rotate your body 90 degrees so that it mimics how a surfer would come into a standing position. This exercise will also work your glutes, chest, and core, as well as your obliques.

Olympic surfer Caroline Marks told Well+Good previously, “when you surf, your core is constantly turning, so making sure it’s strong is essential.” No matter what, strengthening your obliques is important to move comfortably through your everyday life. Your sides remain stable and your spine twists in a healthy way as a result of their support.

Burpee technique for surfers

  • Starting in a standing position will help you work your obliques.
  • Bring your feet into a high plank pose by bending your legs into a squat, then jumping (or stepping) your feet back into a squat. In order to raise your heart rate, you can either hold your plank or lower down all the way to the floor and push yourself back up.
  • Step your feet into the air and jump into a standing position, twisting through your core so that you are facing the wall with your toes facing you. Once you’ve rotated 90 degrees from your starting position, you’ve done it right.
  • Repeat this step, but instead of jumping to stand this time, twist to the other side. Follow this up with a rest period of 10 to 20 seconds, and repeat for up to three rounds.

Your surfing skills will improve quickly.

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