The top 7 custom shampoos of 2021

When it comes to beauty products, we have a plethora of alternatives. But, especially when it comes to hair care, everyone has individual demands, which is where personalised shampoos come in. It’s not always as straightforward as going to the drugstore and purchasing something new to try. Your best friend’s favourite shampoo can be terrible for your hair, and vice versa. That’s why personalised shampoos are such a fascinating concept. Yes, having something custom-made is always something to brag about, but because these products are specifically created for your hair, they’re meant to solve any difficulties you’re having while also improving the overall health of your hair.

The market for customised shampoos and conditioners has exploded in recent years, allowing more of us the opportunity to select the perfect mix for our hair. Many manufacturers produce personalised products by asking questions about the customer’s hair (such as whether it’s curly, wavy, straight, or natural), the texture, any specific difficulties to treat, and any other preferences. Some “quizzes” are highly detailed in order to create a completely tailored formula for the buyer, while others will merely ask a few basic questions and provide suggestions from a pre-curated list.

Is it worthwhile to invest in bespoke shampoos?

If you choose the appropriate shampoos, custom shampoos might be worthwhile. This is something that experts agree on. Cédric Fuat Celik, a hairstylist at Cédric Salon in New York, believes that all hair is unique and varied, which is why his approach to working with customers is very personalised and dependent on numerous criteria such as hair type, texture, face shape, and overall style.

Custom hair care products, he feels, can be a valuable tool, but with one caveat: “In my experience, using a shampoo made specifically for your hair type from a larger batch is generally more effective.” “Smaller batch items do not necessarily have the same quality control as larger batch products,” he explains. “A excellent ‘curly hair’ shampoo for curls or purple shampoo for blondes, in my opinion, is the best choice. Custom shampoos, on the other hand, I feel will be incredibly effective in the future thanks to technological advancements.”

Custom shampoos are popular, according to Zachary Morad, a hairstylist who has worked with Mindy Kaling and Nina Garcia. However, he believes that “the more questions they ask, the better” when it comes to the initial procedure.

“Because no two heads of hair are same, going to a store and buying shampoo for curly hair, fine hair, or color-treated hair doesn’t work for a lot of individuals. What happens if you have curly, fine hair that has recently been coloured?” he wonders. “You must now make a decision. Custom shampoos allow you to adapt to all of your hair demands based on your hair’s unique characteristics rather than a “cookie cutter” recipe.”

If you’re interested in bespoke shampoo, Morad recommends answering the questions honestly and completely: if you’re stumped and online research isn’t helping, you can always chat with your hairstylist to assist you take the quiz more efficiently. He also warns against purchasing a product merely on the basis of its low price. “Be careful to do your homework and read reviews. “With the personalised shampoo procedure, they frequently employ low-quality components, leaving you with a ‘watered down’ version of what your hair requires,” he explains.

Here are seven of the best custom shampoo and conditioner companies to try so you may reach your hair goals once and for all.

The finest brands of bespoke shampoo and conditioner

Prose — $21.00

Prose’s AI-driven approach to made-to-order items is incredibly comprehensive. You’ll start by answering questions about your hair type, lifestyle, fragrance preferences, and location, among other things. The formula for a whole line of hair care products, including shampoo, conditioner, hair masks, and styling treatments, will then be determined by Prose. Prose now provides a unique, plant-based vitamin called Underlying Source for persons suffering from hair loss. Root Source targets the root causes of thinning hair.

function of beauty

Function of Beauty — $30.00

Function of Beauty has a lot of followers because it was one of the earliest players in the bespoke hair care market (it has over 73,000 five-star ratings on its website). It also has one of the most simple methods, as well as one of the most enjoyable. You complete questions on your natural hair type, texture, and scalp moisture, then choose one of five hair objectives (such as fixing split ends, nourishing roots, and colour protection). You can also choose from a variety of scents and formula colours, as well as anything you want printed on the bottle. A bespoke co-wash, purple shampoo, and other hair care products are also available at Function of Beauty.


Aura — $28.00

If you have brightly coloured hair, Aura should be part of your cosmetic routine. This personalised hair care brand stands out because you can add semi-permanent hair colour to your bespoke conditioner and hair masque, such as pink, teal, and lavender. There are also neutralizers to tone down brassiness, as well as classic colours like browns and blondes. It’s an excellent way to maintain your colour between salon visits.

Strands — $40.00

Strands might be the place to go if you’re searching for some real customization. Unlike other custom shampoo manufacturers, you don’t just answer questions and obtain a custom formula right away. Instead, you’ll receive a testing kit that analyses your scalp and asks you to return a strand of hair. Scientists then examine the strand, write a detailed report on their results, and send you a personalised shampoo and conditioner.


Gemmist — $45.00

Gemmist’s proprietary algorithm chooses a personalised shampoo and conditioner made from salon-grade ingredients after you answer a series of questions about hair tool usage, frequency of washing, and whether your hair retains smoke, among other things (in addition to the usual hair type and potential concerns).


OUAI — $28.00

OUAI’s technique is far less complicated than that of other personalised shampoo companies. You answer basic questions about your hair type, shape, concerns, treatment history, and how often you wash it in a quiz on the brand’s website. After that, you’ll be paired with either the brand’s “fine,” “medium,” or “thick” hair products.


Formulate — $23.00

Formulate’s questionnaire includes standard topics as well as questions about scalp problems like dermatitis, psoriasis, and hair loss. After that, you’ll be paired with a chemist who will create a formula tailored to your hair’s needs and traits. Your bespoke hair products are free of sulphates and parabens, and they come in a variety of scents.

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