There’s a 20% discount on today’s Our Place Always Pan

Remember how, at the onset of the pandemic, we were all baking sourdough starter and banana bread and fantasising about beautiful 25-step dinners we’d finally have time to make? (LOL.) Now we’re in the midst of weeknight meals, surrounded by dirty plates and bowls heaped high in the sink due to a disagreement with our housemates about who would do the dishes tonight. (I’m not going to cave… I’m not going to cave… I’m not going to cave.) Fortunately, the Our Place Always Pan was designed for situations like these, and it’s on sale for $115 through Labor Day.

The Always Pan, according to Our Place, is supposed to replace your fry pan, sauté pan, steamer, skillet, saucier, saucepan, nonstick pan, spatula, and spoon rest—a total of eight products that you can save room on with just single purchase. Also, if you’re thinking to yourself, “What?” When using a spatula in a sauté pan, keep in mind that the beechwood-based tool nests into the handle in an ingenious way.

Other accessories and functions that come with the Always Pan are also quite handy. There’s a stainless steel steamer basket for individuals who like to steam items while cooking, which comes in handy for veggies and the like. There’s also a pour spout, so it’s quite accessible and simple to use if you’re making pastas or anything else that requires water to be drained.

The pan is composed of aluminium, which allows it to heat up rapidly and evenly distribute the heat. Its nonstick coating is free of PFOAs, PTFEs, and other PFAs, as well as lead, cadmium, hazardous metals, and nanoparticles, all of which have been identified as potentially dangerous compounds. While it works with all cooktops, you’ll want to avoid using metal utensils, as they can scratch the nonstick coating, as well as using the dishwasher on this one to maintain it looking and working at its best. But, given how easy it is to prepare dinner with this one-pot pan—and the fact that it’s on sale—I think I’ll give in and clean the dishes after all.

First up in your new Always Pan? This delicious vegetarian cauliflower fried rice

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