This new highlighter from Freck is inspired by the galaxy

When it comes to my beauty and makeup routine, I’m as plain as they come. For everyday wear, I favour the natural, makeup-that-doesn’t-look-like-makeup look. Maybe a smudge of liquid eyeliner or a splash of lip colour if I’m heading out. The words “hologram highlighter” had never crossed my head as something I could use in my beauty regimen until Freck’s new highlighter arrived on my desk. I was completely wrong—this highlighter is wonderful.

Freck’s latest addition to the brand’s effortlessly hip product collection is the brand new Slimelight Multi-Mineral Hologram Highlighter ($28).

Freck Beauty made a splash in the beauty and wellness world in 2017 with its one-of-a-kind artificial freckle makeup that went viral. For just $22, the freckle-free can get 3-4 months of sun-kissed, natural-looking spots thanks to Freck OG.

Since then, the popular beauty brand has gone beyond the freckles trend with a collection of clean skin-care and bold, edgy makeup, all of which are cruelty-free, vegan, and skin-safe. Slimelight, a cosmic highlighter that appears like it belongs in an extraterrestrial fashion show, blends in with the rest of Freck’s offerings.

Slimelight began with Freck’s spacey, gold-green holographic eyeshadow hue, which has now been discontinued, according to Remi, CEO and founder of Freck Beauty. “Our #FreckFam on Instagram began putting it on their cheeks, chests, and wherever else because it worked well as a highlighter,” Remi adds. “The team and I decided to expand the slime family with Slimelight, based on our excellent Cheekslime formula. Big Bang came first, and we got to work on the other two hues right away.”

freck slimelight highlighter

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Big Bang, Beam Machine, and Space Face are three colours that are completely out of this planet. Squeeze a tiny amount of highlighter onto the back of your hand to see what I mean—they’re angelic, alive with just the right amount of pigment to give your contours a heavenly shine. Big Bang is a green-gold combination that shimmers spectacularly against all skin tones, as Remi mentioned. Then there’s Beam Machine, a warm bronze pink inspired by a nebula, according to Remi. Last but not least, there’s Space Face, an iridescent purple with the prismatic gleam of an opal.

While the colours make us giddy, Slimelight’s recipe is also out of this world. It’s formulated with necessary minerals to “balance and energise the skin,” but it’s never heavy or slimy, despite its name. “The beauty of Slimelight is that it seamlessly integrates into your daily routine,” Remi explains. “It doesn’t pick up any powders—the R&D on that alone took over two months—and it’s completely buildable and lightweight.”

Slimelight’s buildable, lightweight texture is ideal for someone like me, who would never in a million years consider dabbling in holographic highlighter. While it’s bold, it’s light enough that you can still achieve a natural appearance with a hint of astral colour in the proper light.

If you’re like me, squeezing a little pigment onto the back of your hand and strategically applying a touch of highlighter on your angles, such as the corners of your eyes or the borders of your collarbone, is a good idea.

Alternatively, you can go for Remi’s look: “I like to start with Cheekslime in Jam Sesh on my cheeks, followed by Freck OG freckles on my nose, cheeks, and temples,” she adds. “On my cheekbones, corner of my eyes, and bow of my lips, I apply Slimelight in Space Face as a finishing touch. I combine a small amount of Slimelight in Beam Machine with my foundation or Rich Bitch moisturiser for a more natural-looking glow.”

Your beauty regimen will soar to the moon and back, no matter how you use this bright highlighter. Slimelight is available now at Freck Beauty and Sephora.

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