Tommy John Air Thong Review: Comfort Also When Doing Up

tommy john thong

Tommy John Air Thong — $26.00

This thong has a buttery feel thanks to the nylon mesh and spandex fabric. To wash, simply put it in the washing machine (cold) and tumble dry on low. “This is the most comfy piece of clothing I’ve ever owned. One client exclaims, “I will definitely be buying more!”

I indulged myself to a couple of styles, including a thong, in addition to adding my S.O.’s gifts to my cart. Other than spontaneity or impulse, I’m not sure what caused me to change my tune, but here we are. I washed the underwear when it arrived and then tested on the Tommy John thong.

It was incredibly gentle. Soft enough to feel virtually one with my flesh, as if there weren’t a cloth stuck in my butt (again, sorry for the TMI, as you’re still here, so…). Tommy John’s Air Thong is exactly what it says on the tin. It’s light and incredibly stretchy, and the fabric is moisture-wicking and antimicrobial (which helps fight odor-causing germs), so I think I’ll be able to wear it while working out.

Tommy John also has a variety of underwear options. Their Air Briefs, which are as soft and light as a cloud, are another favourite of mine. No matter how active you are, they’re composed of the same moisture-wicking material and aren’t designed to bunch or roll up.

tommy john briefs

Tommy John Air Briefs — $28.00

The Air Briefs are composed of a nylon-spandex blend, similar to the Air Thong, and Tommy John likewise boasts a “No VPL Guarantee” despite the fact that these are briefs (I can personally verify that there isn’t a VPL in sight). Tumble dry low and machine wash cold. “They are extremely light, comfy, and adorable. One reviewer writes, “Couldn’t ask for more.”

“No Adjustment Required” is TJ’s tagline, and I can attest that their underwear lives up to that claim.

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