Under $500 rowing machines for 2021

You won’t find a more advanced rower anywhere else. The patent-pending design of this machine allows you to use it for a number of additional exercises in addition to rowing, such as curls, upright rows, bent-over rows, front raises, shrugs, triceps extensions, and standing shoulder presses, among others. It’s possible to build an entire home gym out of a single piece of equipment.

It is an impressive machine despite my not being easily impressed. Before choosing this product, I reviewed many rowers. Since I was 18 years old, I have exercised every day. I’m 63 years old now. A large part of my daily regimen involves working out early in the morning (3:00 a.m.), and I own a Bowflex as well as many other pieces, including free weights. There are a few exercises I love the most, but this baby will do well for my end of day routine.

As I perform 50 standard reps at maximum resistance, then 50 more reps with the legs fully extended, I maximize the exertion on my back, arms, and shoulders. I repeat this combination for another 100 repetitions nonstop. There is a mobile app as well as a console. My choice of rower couldn’t have been better.”

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