Urologists Say It’s Okay to Pee in the Shower

Throughout human history, many debates have taken place — N*Sync or Backstreet Boys? Which is more powerful, Argon or Legolas? Isn’t it weird how Lost ended? Others are not so clear cut (N*Sync), such as whether you should pee in the shower. Our collective consciousness was brought back to the forefront of this particular debate thanks to a viral TikTok video.

Peeing in the shower is not advised for two reasons, according to Dr. Alicia Jeffrey-Thomas, DPT. The first is that the sound of running water could lead to an arousal of the need to pee. The second problem is that standing up and peeing does not allow your pelvic floor to fully relax, so your bladder does not empty fully. To find out if these were causes for concern, I sent the viral video to Giddy’s urologist, Dr. Chris Kyle. As long as you don’t make a mess, there’s nothing wrong with urinating in the shower (from a urological standpoint).

What’s taking so long? It is an interesting point, but it is oversimplified by Dr. Kyle. “I’m not convinced that there is an actual risk,” he says. Taking one shower per day and voiding normally six times a day would result in either one of seven voids associated with running water.” He recommends not urinating in the shower every time to reduce the risk of creating a pattern. He explains, “In and of itself, peeing in the shower is not a problem as long as you wash off any overspray.”.

Getting your pee on in the shower is not at all a challenging thing for Dr. Kyle based on the second point made in the video. Having not seen any studies that consider whether women can completely empty their bladders when standing, he says it is not significant if they void occasionally in the shower. Despite the fact that there are numerous reasons –such as constipation –for women not fully relaxing their pelvic floor, and even when sitting or squatting after urinating, Dr. Kyle nonetheless recommends shower pees as a general rule, but not strictly.

If peeing in the shower is your thing, then go ahead and do it!

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