Wander Beauty High Line Liquid Eyeliner holds up well

My tried-and-true eyeliner technique in eighth grade involved lighting the tip of the pencil with a lighter and drawing a straight line above my lashes, while the castor oil and wax formula was still soft and not too hot. The variety of eyeliner back then (i.e., in the early 2000s) was not nearly as great. Since liquid liners were harder to master, you had to come up with some, um, questionable application techniques with your pencil liner or liner with a brush the size of a few hairs.

Today, eyeliners are plentiful. Each brand promises ease of application, quality formula, and longevity. I’ve gone through countless eyeliners in the last couple years, and my signature look has been a jet black cat eye since I was melting down eyeliner pencils with a Bic lighter. My current favorite eyeliner is Wander Beauty’s High Line liquid eyeliner, which is a highly convenient felt tip eyeliner.

The felt tip and smooth application of High Line thoroughly impress me. Other eyeliners require me to retrace my lines, or I have to build color upon color, but with High Line, it’s nearly effortless. If you wear primer, eye shadow, or none of the above, it applies smoothly without tugging, smudging, or bleeding. As a result of its tapered shape and balance between thickness and thinness, the felt pen allows me to paint thin lines for subtle effects, or thicker ones for bolder ones.

There is no movement. Wearing High Line on hot days spent outdoors, and for hours running and rowing (I will sweat buckets). There have been dark days with High Line (translation: a lot of crying), and some truly happy days with High Line (translation: even more crying). By the end of the day, my skin tends to get very oily, but High Line hasn’t been phased. I must remove my makeup with makeup remover in order to remove the water-resistant formula.

Wander’s website boasts thousands of reviews that support my position. One of our clients named Quinn writes, “This liner is the best liquid eyeliner I’ve ever used! It’s very opaque and glides on smoothly and is the most smudge-proof and longest wearing liquid eyeliner I’ve ever used!”. Kristleeandrecheck says, “Wonderful liquid eye lines, super precise, super black, stays on all day, no smudge!”

As with all Wander Beauty products, this one contains ingredients you can feel good about, and it’s also never tested on animals, is vegan, and does not contain synthetic fragrances.

The liner I have been using for about three months hasn’t started run out yet, and I use it fairly regularly. Regardless, I may purchase a few more.

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