Well+Good Deep Conditioning Treatment Repairs Summer Hair

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My hair has practically become the physical representation of my meh mindset about summer ending now that Labor Day Weekend has here. Dry, broken, and frizzy strands that were once smooth and lustrous have become dry, fractured, and frizzy. Highlights that received a lot of praise in June are now brassy and depressing. I’m packing my shower with my post-summer go-to: Dae Deep Conditioning Hair Treatment ($28) to give my hair the refresh it needs.


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I find it difficult to keep my curly, color-treated hair hydrated, especially at the end of the summer. As a result of being exposed to the elements during this time of year, dryness and damage come to a head. UV exposure causes hair to become more porous and rigid, resulting in colour lightening and stiffness. Meanwhile, salt from the ocean crystallises on your hair’s cuticles (or outside layer), raising them and drying out your strands.

Saturating your scalp and lengths with moisture is crucial to combating these difficulties as we go towards sweater season. When you coat hair with hydrating substances, the cuticle lays flat, preventing water from getting into those raised cuticles and causing frizz or oxidising your hair dye, turning it brassy. To put it another way, by keeping your hair hydrated, you’re giving it the best chance at staying healthy.

The Dae Deep Conditioning Treatment can help with it.

While the conditioner’s beautiful sunset tint originally drew me in, it’s the conditioner’s powerful moisturising properties that kept me coming back for more. The solution, which is made up of a blend of natural oils, is designed to help restore your hair to its pre-MDW splendour by infusing it with moisture and nutrients. Coconut and jojoba oils work together to nourish and restore your hair, preventing breakage and frizz while also protecting it from environmental assaults. Moringa oil contains vitamins A, C, and E, as well as omega fatty acids, which help to protect keratin (which gives the structure of hair support). Plus, there’s more. The enticing, zesty perfume of the conditioner smells like a beach vacation in a bottle, allowing you to bring a small piece of summer with you all year.

Simply apply it after shampooing your hair in the shower, wait five to ten minutes before rinsing, and repeat. The manufacturer recommends using it as a deep conditioning treatment one to three times per week, but when my hair is especially dry (as it is right now), I use it every time I wash it to give it as much moisture as possible. And, believe me, it works. My only regret is that I didn’t remember to incorporate it into my summer regimen in 2021 sooner.

Hack your hair-care routine based on texture by following along with the video below. 

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