What Do the Stars Say About Friday the 13th?

It feels like the right year for you to begin feeling Friday the 13th scares in 2020 if you have never experienced them before. The entire year has been one of enduring tough times and bad luck, so it might be particularly frightening to see that ominous date on the calendar, as if anticipating a tremendously dark finale. In an interesting twist, the upcoming Friday the 13th on November 13, 2020, might even be luckier than the one that occurred earlier this week (11-11, baby). So long as you use the powers of the universe wisely.

As of September 9th, Mars Retrograde has finally ended after four weeks. Mars represents action, drive, and commitment, according to tarot-card reader and astrologer Maria Sofia Marmanides. When Mars turns retrograde, all of those key themes become muted at best, or frustrated at worst. If you’ve felt sluggish recently, or lethargic, uninspired, or unmotivated, Mars retrograde could certainly have contributed to your troubles.

It’s a good time to restart a passion project if it’s been sidelined or neglected.” – Maria Sofia Marmanides, a tarot reader and astrologer.

The 13th may represent a huge release for those of us who have been feeling particularly stagnant this month (raise your hand!). AsMars stations direct and moves forward, the planet will experience a huge burst of energy and momentum. According to Marmanides, “with Mars in his native sign [Aries], he will be doing everything he can to get things going, to get things done, and to win,” he says. Now is the ideal time to restart a passion project or something that has fallen off your radar. If you’ve been hoping for permission, now is your chance.

What is the likelihood of this particular transit having the greatest impact on those most affected? Mars tends to rule Aries and Scorpio, the signs Mars usually rules (or, if this describes you, you can use a birth chart generator to find out). The planetary energy can also be more potent if your sun, moon, or ascendant are in those signs. With the new moon in Scorpio this weekend as well as Scorpio season in full swing, Mars is astrologically very prominent right now. It’s safe to say that most of us will feel this surge of self-motivation.

Those Aries-themed areas of our lives will feel this forward motion, Marmanides asserts. It may be an area where you were seeking permission from someone else before realizing that you have the only permission you need to move forward. When Mars transits through your Aries house, he asks you to examine where you can be bold, courageous, and independent more.

The fact that Mars is going direct this Friday the 13th will empower you, so be cautious this Friday the 13th. That said, as Marmanides points out, this is a key moment in the astrology of 2020, and it’s good to remember that every transit can play out in a high or lower-vibe manifestation. The key, therefore, is always how we use and harness the energy.

Mars turning direct is a great time to re-ignite projects, but you or others might get very frustrated, she warns. I recommend using that energy to support causes you care about rather than attacking other people.

On November 12, 2020, the article was updated from the original September 12, 2019. Allie Flinn contributed to this report.

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