Why Mindy Kaling’s swimsuit is the favorite of derms

In spite of the summer coming to a close, finding the perfect swimsuit is never easy. Consider taking a page out of Mindy Kaling’s book if you need chic swimwear by Labor Day Weekend. Her Instagram accounts are her books (not her literal books.)

She is no stranger to elegant and trend-setting clothing, thanks to her experience as an actress, producer, and author extraordinaire. Her sophisticated-yet-fun clothes are on show from her red carpet appearances to her everyday attire. Just scroll through her comment section on Instagram and you’ll find message after message of people asking, “brand?” or “store?” in reference to her clothes, hoping to get some pointers. People were intrigued by her bathing suit this week.

In a stunning floral long-sleeve swimsuit, the actress posted a photo on Sunday. In response, fans began sending fireball emojis and asking where to swipe the look. La Doublej is an eye-catching lifestyle brand known for its curated Italian aesthetic and eye-catching prints. High-necked suit with cut-out back.

But it wasn’t just the fab print and fit that caught fans’ attention. Shereen Idriss, my dermatologist @shereeneidriss, would agree that having some good UV protection in a swimsuit is chic as well. Kaling’s caption also advises people to wear sunscreen.” Even though it’s unclear if the suit contains UVB protection (the retailer does not include this information, so the material may not have UVB protection), her dermatologist did approve and nod to the message.

In addition to sun protection products for your face, you can also find it in clothing. Retailers often label swimwear and similar styles with an UPF rating to help you estimate how much protection you’ll receive while hanging out by the pool or at the beach. According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, clothing with a UPF rating of 50 can block 98 percent of the sun’s rays. A dermatologist and cosmetic surgeon who specializes in treating skin, Melanie Palm, MD, describes it as “quick, easy, and mess-free way to protect skin when outdoors or in the water.”

The UPF is a measurement of how well clothing weaves and fibers block the skin from UVB rays. “UPF clothing is a great way to protect large areas of the skin. Look for UPF 50 or more as a standard. As a bonus, I also wear sunscreen beneath my UPF clothing for more complete protection.”

However, you can still get some protection from the sun’s harsh rays even if your clothes do not have UVB protection (such as Kaling’s swimsuit). In order to maintain a youthful appearance, you have to choose the right colors, says Dr. Joshua Zeichner, associate professor of dermatology and director of cosmetic research at Mount Sinai Hospital.

According to Zeicher, tight knit fabrics in dark colors are most effective at protecting you. As a test, hold the clothing up to the sun. If you can see the sun through it, it is not going to protect your skin. Light-colored, loose-knit fabrics, on the other hand, offer minimal sun protection.

Here are some of our favorite rash guards and long-sleeved swimsuits.

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