Why Sony’s Noise-Canceling Headphones Are Worth It

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I work with two annoying (but loving) coworkers. Pepper and Sasha are their names, and when they’re too heated or even somewhat stimulated, their mouths fall to the side. They start barking if they hear even the tiniest movement outdoors. Isn’t it true that they’re dogs? While I adore them to the moons of the planets, they are the noisiest coworkers I’ve ever had. And I’m easily sidetracked. A pair of Sony wireless noise-canceling headphones—headphones I’d read and heard about—was one of the finest gifts I received earlier this year (probably even written about). I didn’t anticipate them to be as good as they were.


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Dual Noise Sensor technology and Ambient Sound mode, both of which are engineered to understand your surrounding environment and deliver crisp, clear sounds while simultaneously allowing you to (faintly) hear the commote, allow the Sony wireless noise-canceling headphones (Sony WH-CH710NB) to muffle the sounds around you while still allowing you to make out noises as if from a distance. So, while I can focus at work while listening to music, I can still hear if one of the dogs starts to cry or if the doorbell rings. Basically, I can choose to ignore the world responsibly and deliberately.

The sound quality is unrivalled in its class; Sony is known for delivering nothing less. Whether you prefer low bass or high-pitched vocals, the 30mm drivers deliver the clearest, highest-quality sound. I’ve mostly used them for music and business conversations, but when I wore them to watch movies and TV shows, I discovered how much more clearly I could hear everything—every sniff, muffle, and crinkle was fully, stunningly obvious. I’m not claiming to be an expert on sound technology, but I’ve gone through a lot of headphones in my time, and these have some of the best sound quality.

In terms of fit, because I wear spectacles, it’s critical that the earpads are soft and don’t press my frames on my ears, because it hurts. Sony’s have the sensation of pillows: they’re cushioned enough to be comfortable, but snug enough to prevent slipping or shifting. I’ve been wearing these all day without even realising it. They’re also lightweight, so you can wear them around your neck (but be in mind that they’re still there—I’ve done this a few times and found myself getting in my car or going on a walk with them still perched over my shoulders). They’re also easily adjustable, and the earpads swivel, so you can fold them up when you’re not using them.

The battery life is outstanding. With a short charge time, you can receive up to 35 hours of use. And I’ve been able to connect to all of my gadgets via Bluetooth (I use Apple, so I link to my iPhone or MacBook) (and the wireless range is 30 feet, so I can easily walk from my desk to the kitchen to grab snacks without missing a literal beat). These truly help me focus on work all day, and I feel like I’m getting more done as a result. I can also watch old Grey’s Anatomy episodes while my husband listens to loud music in the next room, and not even Rage Against the Machine can distract me from the way Derek looks at Meredith.

And, certainly, all of the above will come at a steep cost. But, for me, the recovered focus and the luxury of enhanced sound are well worth the money.

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