Workout for the glutes while standing for 10 minutes

However many times I workout, I’ve resigned myself to the fact that my booty will never be round and juicy like that of a peach or apple. Yet, I still burn out my backside as many days a week as possible because its benefits outweigh its aesthetics in every way. To help you reap these benefits, East River Pilates trainer Brian Spencer created an effective 10-minute sitting glute workout for the latest episode of Good Moves that can be done any time no matter how “soooooo busy” you are.

We will be doing one of the most popular exercises today-standing glutes,” Spencer says. We will feel a deep burn in our glutes, working on our lumbopelvic stability for our low back and hips, finding good balance, and- you guessed it- getting a good glute burn.”

The term “lumbopelvic stability” may seem confusing to you, but you’re probably not the only one. Spencer is talking about strengthening the muscles that stabilize the lumbar spine, the hip muscles that help stabilize the pelvis, and the abdominal muscles, too. The Pilates method generally improves trunk-based stability, which is necessary for mobility and athletic performance. Routines like this are not exceptions.

The Good Moves workout Spencer used recently focuses on strengthening your behind, which is just an added bonus in itself. As noted above, the benefits of strengthening your glutes are plentiful: they can minimize knee injuries, groin injuries, hamstring injuries, and so forth, and increase your athletic ability.

Whether you are looking to gain athletic strength, improve your overall mobility, or feel confident about flaunting your haunches on Instagram, this routine can help. Scroll down to the video above and click play when you are finished.

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