Workout for the Hips, Hamstrings, and Quadriceps

Traci Copeland is the Nike master trainer to go to if you’re seeking a legit (read: effective) workout. Copeland demonstrates a fitness routine targeting hips, hamstrings, and glutes in the latest episode of Good Moves, and it’s a doozy (but in the best possible way).

‘Today we’ll focus on [the] glutes and hamstrings,” she says. As this is where your power comes [from], “you ought to pay attention to your glutes and lower body.”

As part of her routine, Copeland performs “walking hip openers,” “knee hugs,” “deadlifts,” “squat jumps,” “tabletop walks,” and more – in other words, she’s serious about her cardio. Due to its short, 13-minute duration, the workout is easy to survive, and it is also easy to fit into even the busiest of schedules.

Exercises that strengthen your glutes are important because your rear end drives your performance. Furthermore, strengthening your hips is essential for maintaining your mobility as well as preventing hip injuries as well as alleviating back, knee, and other types of pain. Having strong hamstrings can help with both mobility and performance, as well as protect your knees, assist with deceleration without stressing your joints, and maintain proper spine alignment.

You might want to watch this video above now if you’re interested in increasing your performance, extending your life, or…just like, it’ll look awesome on your ass.

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