You’ll Be Inspired by Taika’s Matcha Latte, Not Wired

You’ll be energized and your body will be nourished by matcha, a caffeinated superstar. It’s no wonder the matcha has staying power with its high antioxidant content and its high content of epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), a compound that lowers inflammation and reduces the risk of cancer.

As of 2021, matcha will be upgraded from its 12th century roots. ‘Perfectly calibrated’ coffee brand Taika launched a ready-to-drink matcha latte to rival its caffeine-filled predecessors. Caffeine that boosts your energy without making you feel jittery is at the heart of the brand’s ethos. You’re going to get the alert, aware feeling that you want without getting the jittery, wired side effects. Each drink contains a healthy combination of adaptogens and functional mushrooms.

A decadent matcha latte that goes down smooth is made with organic, ceremonial matcha that’s sourced from a 100-year-old Japanese matcha producer (to make sure you’re drinking the real stuff) and creamy macadamia nut milk. Taika’s matcha tastes wonderfully refreshing; it’s never stale or chalky like some matchas.

Michael Sharon, Taika CEO and co-founder, says his new adaptogenic Matcha Latte offers another avenue for people to enjoy our products that are extremely delicious, perfectly calibrated and authentically good for them.

This unrivaled product stands out for its “perfectly calibrated” formulation. You will not be hyper and bouncing off the walls as a result of those adaptogens/functional mushrooms.

Learn the difference between green tea and matcha:

There are a range of compounds that contribute to the calming effect and natural sweetness of tea, such as L-Theanine, and ashwagandha, another natural relaxant. It is equally healthy to take mushrooms, too: Lion’s Mane nourishes the mind and boosts memory function, Reishi reduces stress, and Cordyceps militaris tunes up the body. This combination works synergistically with caffeine to keep consumers feeling inspired instead of wired, according to the press release.

This indulgent treat has just 60mg of caffeine in every cup (half the amount of Taika’s coffee products), giving you an energy boost without the crash. You won’t experience coffee sweats, anxiety or heart-pounding sensations while drinking this dreamy beverage. Subscribe to our shipments every 2, 4, and 6 weeks to save 20 percent off your order.

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